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Size Guide

Moonstone T-Shirt

  • Regular Fit
  • Composition: 96% Cotton 7% Spandex
  • Wash By Hand w/ Cold Water
  • Do not Tumbled
  • Do not Bleach
  • Iron w/ Careful

Itt´s the stone of new beginnings

As its name implies, it's strongly connected to the Moon and to intuition. It is a reflective stone and reminds us that as the Moon waxes and wanes, everything is part of a cycle of change.


  • Its most valuable effect is to calm emotions.
  • It makes the unconscious conscious, and activates intuition and empathy.
  •  Encourages lucid dreaming, especially during a full moon.
  • Potentiates psychic abilities and to develop clairvoyance.
  • Relieves emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes emotions.
  • Improves emotional intelligence.Provides deep emotional healing. 

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