Turquoise T-Shirt | Inner Capsule



Size Guide

Turquoise T-Shirt

  • Regular Fit
  • Composition: 96% Cotton 7% Spandex
  • Wash By Hand w/ Cold Water
  • Do not Tumbled
  • Do not Bleach
  • Iron w/ Careful

 It is a purification & protective stone.


  • Powerful communication with the physical and spiritual worlds.
  • Powerful meditation & intuition.
  • Dissipates negative energies and provides protection against environmental pollutants.
  • Balances and aligns all the chakras with the subtle bodies and tunes the physical level with the spiritual.
  • Strengthens psychologically.
  • Stabilizes mood swings & provides calm.
  • It is excellent for treating states of exhaustion, depression or panic attacks. 

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